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Ultimate Companion For Your Intimate Needs

Posted: Sat. Oct. 27 22:39:05 2018

* I am FinesseDinal. Some of my more rowdy friends like to call me "Fine A*", but I myself am not so bold, in public that is. Finesse is smooth, I have been told that I am a smooth lover. I am easy to be with because I love being with men. I love to pour my attention on you. Whether its a deep kiss, a wondering embrace, warm cuddle time or sweet lovin, I will brighten your day. I am fortunate that the angels have blessed me with a gorgeous body, and the 'devils' have blessed with a passion for pleasing, and being pleased.Yes, please understand that I will enjoy myself. I have no need to waste time with acts, it feels good and I am not afraid to admit it! 916-520-9008